DYWM x Pet Valu Partnership

The Don't You Want Me Project

Don't You Want Me is a global social impact documentary photography project showcasing the beauty and resilience of LGBTQ people with their rescued dogs. Coupling compelling images and personal narratives, Don’t You Want Me shows that individuals of all stripes have the ability to transform their lives when they are given love and the question of ‘who rescued who’ becomes universal, no matter how you identify. Currently in Toronto, Brighton UK, and London, this ongoing photo project (and ultimately book) reaches out across borders, from North America to Europe, and onward.

Whilst the trans community has gained powerful and influential allies during the last decade, at the same time we are living in increasingly divided turbulent times. Trans peoples’ stories are a powerful, resilient, previously silenced voice teaching society how discrimination and gender inequalities actually harm us all.

Think Humans of New York except with powerful queer and trans narratives combined with cute dogs - our exhibit is bringing people to tears.

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